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Ricky Roman

Ricky Roman
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This ass is large, in-charge and ready to take your dick! Ricky Roman’s Fleshjack features a tight entrance that opens to a fitting array of Roman-style columns and pillars that will transport you to a place where fantasy meets ecstasy. Enlist in the (Ricky) Roman Empire’s army of insatiable men, and do your best to serve until you drop from exhaustion! Molded from the actor himself! Includes Ricky Roman Fleshjack butt sleeve with Ricky’s signature Dolce texture and a powder blue Fleshjack case.

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Ricky Roman

Born in 1991, Ricky Roman got his start in gay porn when he was low on cash and took up a friend’s invitation to join him for a scene. A year later, Roman applied online for CockyBoys, received a call from them later that day, and started filming with the studio that next week. He’s been a CockyBoys exclusive ever since and is their longest standing model.
Roman is a biracial (Filipino and Italian) hunk with an uncut cock, love of public sex, and a number of tattoos. One of his favorite tats features the birdlike Egyptian god Horus with the statement “take me as I am,” which is just below his impressive chest. He got the tattoo on his 22nd birthday and describes it as his “corset,” and it gives him a sense of security.
Ricky describes himself as versatile, though he leans toward bottoming more often. When it comes to topping, he’s taken on the nickname “Slayer” to describe the way he slays his sex partners. Among his favorite scene partners are fellow FleshJack Boys Jake Bass and Colby Keller. 

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    Penis Length 7.5"
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